About us

The Brand

PHANOO is an innovative lifestyle brand of fashion clothes and accessories made specifically for pet babies and their parents. We are based in the beautiful island of Cyprus but we work and operate at an international scale. Our mission is to create unique looks through fashion. We love creating moments of happiness between the pets and their families, always aiming to educate the community to treat animals with kindness.

PHANOO was created with the purpose of providing quality and fashionable clothes to dogs in very competitive prices. Through our research and development we discovered that, many pet owners with mix breed dogs are struggling finding the correct size as the dogs usually do not fall into the standardise breed sizing. As a result, many owners often pay overpriced items and have very limited options of fashion clothing. Our FOCUS is entirely on YOU!

Our emphasis is on style and comfort, all PHANOO products are designed and produced with great craftsmanship and a lot of love! We always seek out the highest quality fabrics and materials on the market. Each piece is carefully crafted always keeping in mind the wonderful memories you and your pet will going to create while wearing them.

We are an avid supporter of pet adoption, we strongly believe that this world does not need any more shelters. Instead, we can all save an animal and contribute towards a better tomorrow. All we need is love and sharing!

About Phanoo

Phanoo is a mixed breed dog. She was found by some volunteers alongside with her four brothers and sisters being in a bad health condition. She was adopted by us when she was approximately 2 months old. Until now, Phanoo keeps inspiring all of us to work towards a safer world without shelters and animal cruelty.